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Applications Development & Systems Integration

  • Deep Experience and Proven Delivery Models

    Leveraging on our deep and broad knowledge in ICT planning, architecting, implementation and deployment, experience in open source technologies, proven global delivery models, we deliver applications that perform to the highest industry standards. These technology competencies and capabilities will drive your business ahead of your competition. Our deliverables will be ISO27001, SEI-CMMi level 4 and SAS-70 compliant. We want you and your business to be high-performing, hence we are committed to excellence across the entire application development and delivery cycle.

  • Rich Interface and Architecture Service

    Our strong expertise in the development and management of rich User Interface and Web 2.0 technologies enable the building and deployment of complex, high performance and reliable web applications and portals. Applications are tailored to the specific business needs of both internal enterprise and external web applications. We build on our domain industry knowledge, technical architecture design expertise, deployment capabilities and seamless integration to deliver solutions that meet your business requirements. You will also be able to leverage on our capabilities in architecture design, deployment and seamless integration, monitoring and recovery tools for applications developed by us. Our focus in delivering value and superior solutions architecture ensures that your complex business problems are broken down into manageable modular solutions.

  • Current Technology Expertise and Tools

    We ensure that the customised applications meet your business requirements while automating and institutionalising your business processes and work flows. We achieve your goals by employing a selection of modern tools, techniques and technologies to develop your solutions. We have extensive expertise in the design and construction of large SOA-based systems, together with tools and methodologies in testing of these large SOA deployments. We provide our customers with options of a lower initial investment, reduced risk and increased security by leveraging our deep experience in the use of open source components and integration of open source technology – delivering you solutions that give you the cutting business edge.

  • Cost-effective Engagement Models

    We have proficiency in Agile, Waterfall and Iterative development methodologies.  We have successfully extended the development methodologies to work in an onshore-offshore engagement model (that is commonly thought of as a development approach that requires complete co-location of a team) – thereby providing our customers with highly cost-effective engagement models. The successful application of the Distributed Agile development methodology is a proven seamless onsite and offshore framework that is effectively applied to accelerate project cycles, improve quality and maximise return on investment (ROI), and lowering cost of implementation and total cost of ownership (TCO).