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Consulting Services

We offer a suite of consulting services that enable your organisation to harness ICT creatively and effectively to transform your business to yield superior performance. We believe that any successful ICT implementation has to be business-driven, with ICT playing an enabling role. Our consultants work closely with your management and operational staff to develop ICT strategies that are closely aligned to and critically support your organisation's business strategy. Currently, our expertise covers the following main areas, with new ones to be added in future. The methodologies and tools we employ are practice-oriented, proven and based on international standards.

  • Strategic IT Planning

    We help your management team develop different types of strategic ICT plans, for example, those that encompass the whole organisation, those that span across the organisation and its subsidiaries, or those that are for a specific functional area. These plans are tailored to the strategic direction and needs of your organisation.

  • Enterprise-wide Architecture Development

    To ensure successful execution of the organisation's business strategy, we help your management and operational teams develop enterprise-wide architectures that address relevant information needs and ensure ICT application systems across the organisation are closely aligned to the business processes and business directions.

  • Policy Formulation and Governance

    We help your organisation develop relevant frameworks, policies and procedures for proper and effective ICT governance so as to maximise the return on ICT investment and ensure coordinated and standardised implementation of ICT systems and infrastructure.