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Maintenance & Enhancement

  • Standardisation of Methodologies and Processes

    We work towards helping you standardise your existing processes and methodologies to deliver quality and reliable services uniformly and repeatedly. Our methodology, framework and practice are applied on applications that are developed by us, and those that are transitioned for our maintenance.

  • Application Maintenance Service Life Cycle Framework

    The Application Maintenance Service lifecycle framework will ensure smooth transition and operations from start of engagement and through the life of contract. This involves the transfer of a defined scope of activities from current customer delivery organisation structure to the new shared model of delivery without impact the business operations. It involves knowledge transfers and application transition and setting up the infrastructure and connectivity. The key phases are namely Contract Engagement Phase, Transition Phase, Steady State Phase and Transformation Phase.

    • Contract Engagement Phase covers account management, due-diligence discovery and stakeholders interview, quantitative application assessment, scope definition and vision alignment, and contract management
    • Transition Phase involves the application survey and evaluation, building of staffing model, prioritisation of transition applications, formalisation of review teams, definition of deliverables, schedules and reviews, and detailing the infrastructure and connectivity plan.
    • Steady State Phase is activated upon successful transition and parallel phase-in, this involves work-flow management, release management, production support, metrics and quantitative process management and reporting, service-level agreement adherence, and helpdesk management.
    • Transformation Phase refers to the continuous process improvement and value addition to the managed services and business processes.