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Mobile Applications

  • Mobile-enabling Your Organisation

    Our implementation practice offers technologically current, secure, scalable and cost-effective approach to get your enterprise applications mobile-enabled.  We empower your workforce with relevant tools and capabilities to access valuable information on-the-move, increasing business productivity and driving future readiness.

  • Seamless Integration of Applications

    We offer a full spectrum of solutions spanning the mobile product lifecycle, from design, development, deployment to maintenance, with a focus to achieve a faster time-to-market advantage and justifiable costs. We also offer end-to-end solutions that help you achieve seamless integration of business transactions through mobile devices, giving you and your customers the freedom to conduct your business anywhere and anytime.

  • Business-focused and Cost-effective

    Our technology expertise and offerings in the mobile space encompasses feature-rich phones, smartphones and tablets. We have practical insights into the intricacies of the mobile ecosystem and its evolution, thereby enabling your organisation’s mobile services implementation to be business-focused, relevant and cost-effective, without being distracted by the hype around the mobile space.

  • Technology offerings

    Mobile applications utilize the features of the high-end mobile phones and reach of the personal computer, taking mobile platforms to a new dimension of Mobile 2.0. Our offerings are geared around the mobile space and target Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry platforms. Our services include research and evaluation, design and development, mobile software testing, optimisation, re-engineering, system integration and migration. We build customer-centric mobile solutions with features such as mobile commerce, social networking, media and advertising, and location/context-based.