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Media & Entertainment

  • Competitive Business Edge

    We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that rapidly move your business and content online to give your organisation the competitive business edge. We enable you to create, enrich and repackage rich interactive multimedia content for distribution across various media. We provide solutions that enable you to interact with your online customers, study their preferences and increase revenues by providing focused content that easily integrates personalised content with social media.

  • Capabilities and Offerings

    • Content Management Solutions – development of customised CMS built on open source or commercial off-the-shelf platforms
    • Rich Internet Applications – development for web and mobile space
    • Real-time Streaming of multimedia and textual content
    • Social Network platform integration and community building using blogs, forums, wikis and Web2.0 technologies
    • Secure Services for identity management, e-commerce and subscription management
    • Business Intelligence with data ware housing solutions
    • Payment solutions

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