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Security Management

  • Total Security Management Solutions

    We provide complete solutions for security management and administration. Our Fourtress™ security administration includes

    • Visitor Management System
    • Time Management System for Employees
    • Pre-Registration System for Visitors and Contractors
    • Inventory Management System
    • Key Management System, and
    • Guard Patrol System.
  • Intelligent Security Systems

    We also provide intelligent security systems that help government and commercial organisations protect people and property, as well as neutralize terror and crime. Our intelligent security solutions can also be applied to organisations of all sizes to capture and analyze customer interactions, sentiments and trends across multiple channels, improve performance and optimize the customer experience. 

  • Forensic Analysis Capabilities

    We provide cost-effective Video Synopsis coverage for all cameras and usage patterns. Our system is able to provide instantaneous Video Synopsis availability for critical or frequently reviewed cameras. Similarly, security personnel monitoring events in real-time and post-event investigators will benefit from our system that is able to address the global need to review hours of video quickly, identify incidents and take action as needed. We also provide an easy-to-use offline application that enables users to review footage, create, view and export summary videos for forensics and investigative purposes.

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