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Independent Software Testing

  • Robust Testing Framework and Methodologies

    Software defects are costly to organisations. These defects and risks can be mitigated through the adoption of robust testing framework and methodologies. We provide independent software testing to ensure that your ICT deployment is free from defects. We employ a testing framework that integrates and automates all activities, resources, tools and methodologies used in different phases of testing. It comprises of the best practices and is based on the Six Sigma approach.

  • Defined Test Processes and Standards

    The key processes include definition of test processes-standards- and-templates, facilitation of test management community, metrics reporting-and-management, test process training-and-automation, compliance audit and continuous process improvement.

  • Benefits of Structured Testing Approach

    Our structured testing approach delivers benefits of enhanced knowledge management, high re-usability, improved consistency, flexible global engagement model for testing, enhanced productivity of up to 60% through early adoption of test automation, rigour through effective functional decomposition of requirements, 98% test efficiency through 100% integration test coverage using layered modular approach, leverages open source and commercial tools for maximum return on investment (ROI).

  • Software Testing Offerings

    • Automation Testing - creation of software testing assets, frameworks and re-usable components that can be leveraged across projects, thereby maximizing the value of test automation suites.
    • Performance Testing - Load Testing, Stress Testing, Volume Testing, Scalability Testing
    • Security Testing - concentration on different types of security threats, at all levels of applications, probing them for security violations, loopholes and weaknesses
    • Data Warehouse Testing - executed at different stages to validate data completeness, transformation logic, data quality and performance scalability